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Rays of Darkness

Rays of Darkness - 2012-02-21

In the forests sacred deep
Where the scribes lay me to sleep
And the memories of time gone by
Burn deeper for desires nigh
From the bellows of your waking eyes
Scream cries belied by retinae
And the rays of darkness sifting through
Paint the light your shadow grew
Of the sages folly or the wiseman's fool
No words could hide you-your shrouded truth
And so aether quivers at the touch of fire
Born of the souls now long expired
For games of yore, for the tears of ire
For all the love that you inspire
For as ever near is the death we birth
Please grant me stone of sacred earth
To plant the seed to watch it grow
In the midst of evil a heart of gold
And the path you tred so may he follow
To drop the fruit to fill the hollows
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 1 1
JiKanNo Ka
And since the flames of existence
Do consume all they inspire
Discovered it seems only
In the ashes of a pyre
Where together all man stand alone
To mourn the passing of a future sown,
Tilled, reaped, harvest 'n devoured
And since the fans of time's expanse
Still burn like paper in the wind
Your yellows turn to black of night
Nostalgic greys die white again
Here is the soul left to lay sleeping
To birth a seed in timeless dreaming
That burns as bright while it is fleeting
So then HaShem, thy mighty hand
Is it not burning too?
時間の火 - 02-18-2006
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 0 0
Hay mas en la vida
que 'sta enuestra vista
Nublado por la risa
De mota y bebida
La neta ya perdida
En calles sangriendo
y ciudades escondidas
Afuera de la mente
de un mundo de repente
Creado y ya destruido
Por mi como por vos
En el templo
del Diablo
Ya 'sta 'scrito
El nombre de Dios
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 0 0
And it comes to be
The earth has withered
But no tears are wept on this day
For every crevice gone unturned
A penny to the wishing well
A wish, a hope, to rectify
That which you can't ratify
Plaster the walls, the cracks
A dream has shattered
Dig deep, deeper into
Dirt overlays, the air crawls around
Gently rising, leaving you behind
Black holes devour
An unimaginable scene vanished
Flickering pathways to tell a broken tale
Hum harmonies by the river grove
Lend your mind to peace
While your body gets drawn in
With the dawning of the new horizon
To nature we appease
Our greatest desires, unleashed before the promise
Ripped and torn and cast aside
The orbit revolves as you let go too
Wisped away by the winds of change
Which ride upon their cosmic wings
Sigh, eyes closed
Your head resting on the air
Let the contours slide off oblivion
And the fuzz just tickles your throat
Any semblance left of truth
Was just washed up off your brain
Fei (???) - 01-15-02
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 0 0
Laughter and Soft Lies
Laughter & Soft Lies - 05-06-02
It's all about assimilation
degradation of the mind
that wraps the body in it's twine
I just need some time
To work these needles
On out of these crackly bones
And the shimmering of moonlite
On the seas has shown
In this painted darkness
You are truly all alone
Don't sleep now
Less you never want to wake
Don't weep now
Less the oceans spill and flood
Grasshopper don't you see
The mantis preys on thee
At my feet last drops of blood
Drip slowly up the wall
Bubbles crawling slowly
Yes, the worlds inside my head
In siloheutted faces
I hear the sounds of dread
The leaking of your tissues
From the brain inside your head
Dont wanna search for I may find
Don't wanna bleed for I may die
In these chambers we rewind
And see the burning of the sky
Garden flowers grow up higher
Dreams we falsely actualized
So now in the child's mind
Suicidal ideations
Put to ease just temporarily
In these smoldering privations
Things that melt into your fingers
Or radiate your brain
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 0 0
Revolutionary Engagement
So many MCs frontin'
like they straight off the streets
But they just corporate sharecropping
Ova the same old beats
Now don't get me wrong
Cuz with hip-hop I'm down
But don't forget the those
That played down the first sounds
Robert Marley, Miles Davis
Robert Johnson, James Brown
And all those that laid the foundation
Cultural emancipation
A revolutionary nation
A people united
against those that dividin'
They framework of lyin'
While they spyin'
On simple folk on the street
Lockin' em up
week after week
Year after year
Ain't it clear?
They tryna rule us with fear
Black and brown man they smear
So we turn to the cops to feel safe?!?
While the man in the office still be takin' our bank
Ain't we gon realise 'fore our ship is done sank
The people are divided
along colour lines
Keepin' some blind
And others confined
Cuz shit ain't changed
After half a millennial
Same bitches
Runnin' the game
Just changin'
They names
Creatin' mass hysteria
With lies of our history
The pr
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 1 0
Them Should Know
Them should know
That they can buy
All but I and I
And them should know
They can disguise
From all but Adonai
Trapped as it we are
In this enemy so deep
Once sacred grounds
Pillaged to the East
But he who knows
And overstands
Shall chant them down
In all these lands
Them should know
They cannot buy
The heart of I and I
Nor could they fool
Nor trick the eye
Of no not Adonai
And by those rivers
Where we always wept
Spiritual exiles
Into darkness we crept
Shadowed in walls unjust
We must tear them down
And guard our minds, till
We Chant Down Babylon
Them should know
They not so high
Not over I and I
No matter what them say
Nor how they lie
Them know not Adonai
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 1 0
Slaughterin The Minds of Youth
Slaughtering the Minds of Youth
Feeding them distorted truths
And wholesome pre-made lies
Subdued our imaginations
In the guise of education
To mold your labour supply
Your propoganda advertising
On our books and walls and magazines
Our identities stole and resold to us
For our remaining market value
Must we be made unto the likes of you
As mere mindless manufactured products?
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 0 0
Quantitative Minds
I feel a calculator
Of my brain has been made
In these realms
Where the quantified mind
Poses for the God of our time
With their absolutes to assuage
Our doubts at our solid state
I wonder now when
Did man decide then
Himself to be as his creations
Mechanical responses
To the fixed variables
Of his limitation
I ponder what it is to ponder
In such ages, eras, epochs and stages
Strings of biochemistry
Unwind me in their entropy
Reduce my soul to atrophy
I write on this page
To express that I seem no longer to write
But merely compute combinations
Of letters, spaces and punctuation
I think not of ideas
But how I might think of them
When all letters become synonyms
I feel I've been driving with the rest of them
Straight into the brick wall we all saw coming
I wonder where all the exits went
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 0 0
Clouds of Confusion
The ignorance of our ways
Shines through every vessel of my sight
Leaving but one image
My eyes to behold this night...
We are a people weak in the mind
Forfeiting our wisdom
And our spirits once divine
We are a people lost from all time
Obl'vion for future
And a nuisance of past crimes
Ours is a culture of the frivolous
Stolen images surround
To mask the fear we're meaningless
Ours is a culture of mass illusion
He who sees best is caught worst
Inside these clouds of confusion
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 0 0
The State
It has worried me of late
The troubled affairs of our state
The evils all around
As they surely lie
On both our ground
And I wonder would Hashem
Want us to do to all of them
What has been done
And will continue to
So long as our people
See this course through
It worries me of late
Is this cost not too great
Can we justify the lives
That are casually fleeting by
I feel now that I must stand
And say it's we who lost our land
And He who warned us of it then
Yet now we take revenge
On those who would defend
As any man would do
Their lives and their livelihoods
Did we
In the blindness of our tragedy
Endeavor a great travesty
Stained the desserts purest sand
Brought bloodshed to our holy land
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 0 1
A Spirit Risen
Empty corners call my name
The recesses of tempered resistance
Stripped first of being, innate, unknown
Left withering in fields of stainless grass
Slowly did their remnants simmer
Through time would they be remembered
Flashes, mere glimpes would begin to eclipse
The steady stream of predicatability
Of the assessable or measureable
Put forth as our only truth
Laid down as our sole foundation
But each sparkle in the distance, lights upon a lost horizon
Would chink the armour, leaving dents anew
A soul searching for its own existence
In world whose a priori would reduce it to a substance
Sold, catered, cultivated, uterly violated
As long I stand in the light
Forever shall I be blinded by its brightness
By the subtleness of its domination
The invisbleness of its will
To the unexceptablness of outcome
Generated in pure inhuman content
But in the darkness, forever brooding
Would the question slowly seep forward
Leaving clouds of doubt to censor the falslight
Shining off a Sun no longe
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 0 0
Fairy Boy
A boy played his flute on the roof top of a tree
Unaware of the sounds he made or their beauty
All the rabbits jumped from holes
To tell the mice, mullets and moles
Of the songs he played today
And soon a large group of forest critturs were on their way
Singing merrie tunes to pass the time away
"We're off to see the fairy boy who plays his songs for us
He plays them in the morning dew and in the nitetime dust
Plays a song of loneliness to bring us all to tears
Plays a song of happiness to wipe us of our fears
We're off to see the fairy boy to hear him play his flute
We're off to see the fairy boy to hear him toot, toot, toot"
Tears were wept by all except
the boy who could not hear
for his ears were to small
The crowd grew bigger and the boy played louder
Each note blown to perfection
Days past into nite and darkness back to lite
Time and sound in unison
A Roaring Rumble
A Flash of Lite
A Tree top Tumbles
Animals Scatter in Frite
leaving the boy alone in the rain
his flute broken in t
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 1 4
I Dream of A World
I am told this is a world
Where any dreams can come true
So I dream of world where all are free from misery
In this dream we all play like children, in a warm summer rain
I awake to see droplets of ill fate, splashing on me and you
I am told this is a world
Where peace will rise over war
So I dream too, of that blissful peace on Earth
Where freedom and unity live in perfect harmony
Sunrise illuminates a mangled child's corpse, oh what for, oh what for
I am told this is a world
Where Love will conquer all
So I dream of that sacred unison
Skipping as a little boy, with another hand in hand
But it's just the railing, just the railing on the wall
I am told this is a world
Where all are blessed with opurtunity
So I dream of endless possibility
Laid before each and every newborn soul
While many a man wander the desert, lost for hope, for future, for dignity
I am told this is a world
Where you can be whatever you wish to be
So I dream of a million little creatures
Some naked, some clothed, so
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 0 1
You can never be cheated of your youth
Idealistic beyond the truth
But I'm not ready to give up the dream
The fantasy that is me inside
No matter how far you play, they can always keep an eye on you
Throw you into misery, thrust you into the world they see
And that's not all they can do
Even as you sweat & save to build your grave
Did you really change at all as the years go
Guess no one really knows
Must be something else we say
Must be something else this day
Must be someway to defend this place
Seems everyone falls from grace
Everything must be this way
So they say must be this way
But who's way is it today
Must be our way this day
Everything must be the way
Need to go out and have some fun
Sometimes you just need to be everyone
Like its just begun, forever on the run
Some of us need more to live for, then
You can never be cheated of your youth
Idealistic beyond the truth
But I'm not ready to give up the dream
The fantas
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 1 3
The shortest straw is picked for many
And the longest straw is held by none
But forward we march and onward we die
So every day, above our eyes, we see the rising sun
Every day we fight for love
And everyday we fight for the dove
And somtimes we wonder
If it even matters anymore
In the end the world keeps turning
The stars keep burning
And our lifes are all but forgotten
And in time even those memories
Begin to fade
I wonder how things ever got so bad
If we learn to accept one thing
We simply cast another out
It's a neverending war
And the result is always tragedy
But I wonder,
Whom amongst us fights the good fight
Or did we even have room left for good
Hysteria and ignorance, corruption for power
They will always be with us
But will we be run by these forces
Or will we learn to rise above them
Or is it even possible to escape
Are our ideals naive and unabtainable?
But if you ask for a little, you'll get even less
So if we ask for more then one can even hope
Then maybe we will
:iconniteprizm:NitePrizm 0 3


nanami-yukiga ichiban suki desuyo



United States
Current Residence: Washington D.C.
Favourite genre of music: Hip-Hop, Blues, Punk, Reggae/Dub, Metal, Folk, Klezmer
Favourite photographer: Tina Modotti, Ansel Adams
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: Win2000
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: Ninja Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: Ones that I made
Skin of choice: Human
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto, Shinji, Quatre, RAKKU RII, Darkside, Seita, Akira, Marco Pagot
Personal Quote: Step into Infinity and leave your Mind at Large


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